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“The Heart to Heart Workshop Retreat was more than I would have known to ask for. Not only did Joelle & Sam share so much information, I have already started seeing results in just the few days of applying it. They created such an atmosphere of peace, joy, fun, support all while pouring out so much knowledge.

I left this retreat not only feeling equipped and informed, but also with peace, motivation, and beyond supported. I’m so beyond blessed to have been able to attend this retreat.”



“Joelle knows how to give a personal touch with EVERY aspect of her business - this course has given me insight on how she goes about this and explains the benefits in detail!

She will give you real advice, encouragement, and the tools you need to think ahead with every business decision that you make. Her help with posing prompts and editing tips are enough to pay for the course itself!

I now have tips and tricks before going into a session that are helping more than I can imagine. Joelle will teach you to be intentional, personal, honest, and most importantly, POSITIVE!”



“THANK YOU. Thank you for creating a space for us gals this weekend to come and learn, fellowship, create, be authentic, and grow. You crafted the most amazing workshop that was so perfectly applicable, practical, challenging, inspiring, amazing, and FUN!

You are so gifted in making people feel comfortable, not just in your sessions, but in conversation, teaching, and guiding. I felt a bit intimidated when I signed up, nervous that I, as a newbie, wasn’t going to “measure up.” But you blew my fears out of the water as you gracefully taught, took questions, met us where we were, and spoke such life-giving encouragement into each of us.You are freaking amazing, real, AUTHENTIC, and a literal joy to be around. You gave permission for gals to be themselves and gave me a vision that I literally can be the creative photographer I am aspiring to.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of being where I am and getting to experience these two days, and my heart is so freaking happy right now.”


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“This is the second time I've attended the Heart to Heart Retreat. This one was a little bit different than the one in February but it was just as AMAZING. It was different because apart from all the learning, we've also had lots of time to relax and recharge, e.g. we had complimentary massages, we went the beach to soak up the views, the incredible sunset and just talked about life & we also had a couple of spontaneous photo session at the beach too. SO MUCH FUN!

In terms of the education, well...what can I say? Joelle and Sam created content which was very helpful and I've enjoyed learning about every single thing. I've gained more knowledge and ideas as to what I can do to improve my business. My favourite courses were: marketing strategies, email marketing & Flodesk as well as optimizing your website to attract new clients. Thanks to  you both for being so honest, encouraging and for sharing all your knowledge!

The thing that I love the most about these workshops is that I also get to connect with other like-minded business owners! This time I was lucky enough to see some friends from the last workshop and make a few new ones. Every single one of them is very unique, kind & so passionate about what they're doing. I also love the fact that we stay in contact after the workshops too; we motivate, support and lift each other up!

Both times I flew over from London to attend these workshops and every single girl made me feel welcome & so happy to be with the amazing group we've created. So thank you all very much! I can't wait to see you again.”


“Coming to this workshop, I branched out of my comfort zone. I struggle with bad social anxiety and I would have never seen myself doing this even just a few months ago. (Joelle) and the other girls made me feel so welcome and accepted.

Sometimes being a photographer can feel like such a competition and daunting. Thanks for teaching us community is more than that.

That was the biggest lesson I pulled from the workshop. Thank you also for accommodating each and every one of us with open arms. I fell in love with everyone’s personalities and stories. I can’t wait to find my tribe and hope some of you guys can be a part of that.”


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“I attended my second workshop hosted by Jo, and I could not be more thankful for this experience!

A few months back I was praying I was going to be able to make this work, and wow god worked his magic. While attending I not only grew in my business I grew with in myself! Surrounding yourself with like minded people is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I received so much helpful information I’m currently building my website! These few days were a get away and it was everything I needed, I found out how to embrace who i am and open up about things I need help with in the safest space. I love you guys so much!”


“As humans, women entrepreneurs, and business owners we crave and need nothing more than kind uplifting people on our team. We also crave friendship, fun, and Starbucks, and this workshop was equally made up of all of those things

Joelle’s retreat is everything I truly needed and wanted. When talented people gather together to collectively share their strengths, great things happen.

As a result of Joelle’s amazing retreat, I had the privilege of meeting amazing people who eagerly share their knowledge and skills to help others succeed.

From this great experience, I learned strategies to run a strong, successful business while maintaining the importance of staying true to myself and what I value as a photographer! I feel so privileged to have met Joelle, and just being in her presence is special.

If you’re thinking of going on a retreat, think no more and look no further! You won’t regret going on one of hers.”


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