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here’s how to lead with influence

This is Joelle's area of expertise and she can't wait to talk through the entire mindset shift that's helped propel her to a place of leadership and influence. She’s learned the value of showing up as a leader and teaching others, too.

You'll get a chance to reflect on your values, core strengths, and unique gifts before talking through actionable ways to empower others with your unique influence and leadership strengths.


Meet Your Speaker: Joelle

Joelle is an award-winning photographer who loves helping women embrace themselves through boudoir and teaching creatives how to run a fulfilling business.



“You gave permission for gals to be themselves and gave me a vision that I literally can be the creative photographer I am aspiring to. A year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of being where I am and getting to experience these two days, and my heart is so freaking happy right now.”

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