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We heard you loud & clear.



We are so excited to bring all of the course content we’ll be sharing at the upcoming Heart to Heart Workshop to you! Even if you can’t make it out to our beach house this fall, we’re so stoked about everything we have planned—and we want to share it with you, any way we can!

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Get ready for your business to bloom.



Becoming a Marketing Guru

We're both spilling everything we've learned about marketing a successful business! We're talking about the value of showing up on social media and our tips for building a personal brand. Joelle will share her best Instagram strategies and Sam will break down the her best tips for optimizing your website's SEO.

Let’s Talk About Money & Sales Strtegies

Joelle is taking the lead on this one: how to price your services and create a profit-first business budget. She'll break down the importance of setting up contracts and keeping everything organized with CRM software.

All About Outsourcing

Sam is tapping into her Virtual Assistance background for this one! It's a peak at life on BOTH sides--what to have in place before you outsource, how to find the right teammate to start outsourcing tasks to... and most importantly, how to figure out what is WORTH outsourcing. We'll go through our favorite exercise together to figure out what's most important for you! And if you're interested in becoming a virtual assistant--or just picking up a few tasks for other creatives while you grow your own business--Sam will spill her ENTIRE roadmap for getting started!

How to Optimize Your Website to Reach More Clients

A pretty website is... not much good without a solid strategy! Sam will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up a website that CONVERTS. Sam will start with the basics of website strategy and cover everything you need to have in place to make sure that visitors to your site know you're the right one for the job, and know exactly how to book with you.

Automating Your Workflow to Save You Time

This is KEY. Both of us will break down our best tips and resources for automating as much as you possibly can in your business! We'll walk you through the steps we take to create sustainable workflows and share the best programs that save us HOURS every day,

Developing Your Influence and Leadership Skills

This is Joelle's area of expertise and she can't wait to talk through the entire mindset shift that's helped propel her to a place of leadership and influence. You'll get a chance to reflect on your values, core strengths, and unique gifts before talking through actionable ways to empower others with your unique influence and leadership strengths.

Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout

You don’t have to go, go, go in order to be a “good business owner”. You need to take care of yourself if you want to run a successful business. We’re going to lay out all the ways you can set healthy boundaries in your business so that you can operate at a higher level.

How to Send Emails Your Audience Wants to Open

We’re spillin’ the beans on all things email strategies! You’ll get a tutorial of Flodesk (the platform we use to schedule & send all our emails), and learn how to create a game-plan that gets your audience looking forward to learning from you!


Okay, your questions:


What do I get with a virtual ticket?!?

Both of us will be sitting down with all of their content and recording all of their courses so you can watch them whenever you want, Netflix-style. It won't be one long video stream recorded DURING the workshop itself, but rather a series of personal, distration-free recorded videos. We'll be using our laptops to record webinar-style videos that are specific to each course, so you'll never lose track of any topics.

When do I get the recordings?

We don't think it would be fair to send the virtual recordings out before the workshop actually takes place, so we'll be sending the courses out after the workshop wraps on Thursday, September 19th. When you purchase a virtual ticket, you'll imemediately get the Workflow Course ahead of time a little bonus from the two of us.

How are the recordings delivered?

We have everything set up through Gumroad! You'll get a link like you would with any other digital course!

What if I have questions for Sam and Jo?

The in-person attendees get live Q & A time during the workshop, and we don't want to leave you out! We'll be going live together on Facebook a few days after the workshop wraps and would love to answer your questions then! As always, feel free to send us DMs or emails anytime with any questions!

What if I want to come to the workshop in person instead?

As of August 16th, we actually have one attendee who isn't going to be able to make it! If you'd like to purchase her ticket, you can reach out to use for more information here.


How many virtual tickets are available?

Is it lame if we say, "the limit does not exist"?? But seriously, we really care about as MANY people getting in on this goodness as possible, and we have NOT set a cap on virtual tickets!

What courses will be covered?

We’re so glad you asked! We compiled a list of business courses that we believe are some of the most critical to have a good understanding on as a business owner. We’ll be co-hosting most of the courses, bringing both of our perspectives to the table (Sam as a Website Designer, Joelle as a Photographer!), however there will be a couple of courses where one of us will take the reigns. Check them all out here!

What's included in the price?

You'll get full audio recordings of every course Sam and Joelle teach during the workshop--for a fraction of the price of attending!

Will there be more in-person workshops in the future?

Yes! But not with the both of us. ;) Make sure you're following Sam and Joelle on Instagram to keep up with all the latest!